Friday, April 29, 2011

I LOVE SUSHI nail art

Hopefully the previous post does not make any of you sick or throw up >.< So much for being cute and innocent. Hahaha. Oh yea, the sickening part of them would be have alot of blood splattering and stabbing. I, myself can't wait to do it. Muahahaha! *Evil laugh* but for now, I'm craving for some sushi. *singing the sushi song*

*Drooling* just by looking at it. LOL. Now Im off for some sushi!!!


  1. Oh I love sushi and I love sushi cartoons too!!! This is so fabulous!!!

  2. Oh wow how adorable not to mention I LOVE SUSHI!!!!! TO Cute!! :D

  3. mmmmmmmmmmm
    can you pass me a towel so I can wipe the drool?

  4. Everything you draw is soooo cuuute(≧▽≦) I loved the animation on the previous post hahaha:P

  5. I really love your nail art, it's so clean and nice! :D

  6. yay for Onigiri!!

    I love sushi and think this is adorable!

  7. These are awesome. I think about doing sushi nails all the time but everytime I end up doing something else.

  8. Aww thats super cute! Its funny how we'r all calling sushi cute lol! =P
    Btw i'v passed on a blog award to you =) You can pick it up over on my page =)

  9. Aaaww, they're so cute again! I just can't believe how you make them!! Do you do them free-hand style, or what do you use? You're so talentic *w*

  10. I just love it so muchh!
    The sushi and the mani, of course!


  11. I love how your nail art is so colorful and fun! I enjoy reading your blog and I have awarded you with the "Kreativ Blogger" award! Check it out here:

  12. Eeeeeep this is so cute! I don't like sushi but I sure love your kawaii sushi manicure ^_^

  13. I'm also giving you a blog award! It's at!

  14. Thank you for all the lovely comments! <3

    @loodie loodie loodie: Well, your sushi made me drool so badly too!!! this is your payback!! >.<

    @Minnie: Thank you!! I LOVE cute things, they are irristable!!

    @Rachel Marie: I would love to see yours!!

    @Sara <3: thank you very much for the awards! I dont think the edible ones are that cute, LOL

    @KarzU: Thank you!!! Its all free-hand using just nail polish.

    @Soraya: I love sushi more, its like my fav food all time.

    @heartNat:Thank you!!! for the awards too!!

    @Cel: Hehehe, thank you!!

    @Amber: Thank you for the awards!! Ill do it soon.