Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black and White nail art

One more final and Im done!! >.< I can't wait for final to finish and have some fun outdoor. The weather was so nice for the past few days which is weird because vancouver is suppose to be a rain-saturated city. Well, that alone won't stop me from doing more nail art eventhough the rain makes me feel all moody sometimes. >.< And this, is a mani with a lot of squares and alot of dots, just like a checker board.

Question: What is the most wanted nail polish in the world??
I've been thinking about this question for awhile now and even tried to look up the internet for this question, but none of them give me a direct answer. There must be a nail polish color where everyone would say "Yes!! thats the one I wanted so so so badly!!!" What do you think?


  1. i think the most wanted nail polish is Clarins 230!
    people pay a prettttty penny for it on ebay!

  2. Cute nail art~
    I would say the most wanted nail polish color would be Chanel Holographic or Clarins 230. It's subjective because everyone has different tastes.

  3. Woow! You live in Vancouver?!! I used to live on the corner of Burrard st and Nelson stxD Vancouver is a beautiful city:D and yep, rains lotsxD I love your nail art so much! It's so detailed and unique:) It must be hard to do the design! I think light pink/beige would be the one people always want...

  4. Love the mani so abstract, there's two that I want and can't find Sally Hansen hidden treasure and I think it's china glaze I could be wrong but it's channelesque idk if I spelled that right but I'm sure you know which one

  5. I take it back i agree ^ CLARINS 230!!! it's so expensive On evilbay and so beautiful they say it's unicorn pee! I wish I hadn't known about now I really really want it ugh!!

  6. I like the nailart! Good job :)
    I'd also say Clarins 230. Doesn't every woman want a bottle of unicorn pee? :)

  7. I would agree with the clarins 230. people are obsessed with the color and rightfully so, as it appears to be gorgeous.

  8. First, I love the black and white design, it's almost like an illusion.

    Second, is Vancouver any where near Montreal?! OMG, if it is I will totally be in town soon ;)

    Third, is that MPJ you're holding?

    Fourth, I agree with Rachel on your question, its really subjective becuase there is so many factors for different people.

    And finally, yay good luck on the last final!!!!!!!!!

  9. Wow, this looks awesome!!! And most wanted for me would be China Glaze OMG collection!

  10. LOVE your look! what a graphic and awesome design. the nail polish I would die for would probably be gosh holographic

  11. Thank you for all the lovely comments!!! I love you guys so much!! >.< hehehe

    I guess everyone has their eyes set on the unicorn pee heh.

    @rebecca: I know, i couldnt believe that when i went on ebay!!

    @Rachel marie: Oh yea, they were selling it for 100 bucks on ebay!! its riduculous!

    @Paintedbluestar: Oh yea, i drool when i saw the swatches. XD
    @Minnie: Yes!! were you here on vacation?? pink and beige are always on the cute side, but its true!!

    @BeauxsMom: Me too!! Ive been searching for the hidden treasure, and did you mean the purple holo IDK?

    @Lois: I guess!! but when its unique and discontinued, everyone regret for not getting it earlier.

    @Loodie Loodie Loodie: Aww, vancouver is on the other side =(. but you can always drop by vancouver XD. Yup, but its the non-holo MPJ unfortunately. Thank you!!

    @Beauty by brittany: Yea, to me I just want the entire set of OMG. its so hard to find it here!!

    @Deriniti: Thanks!!

    @Toesthattwinkle: Oh yea, thats another most wanted nail polish. Im surprise you were the only one who mentioned it here!!

  12. For me it's Chanel Holographic. But that's because I already have Clarins 230 ;) (I found it on ebay for $50 Buy It Now so I freakin' bought it... right then!). 230 is a dream. It wears really well and it's gorgeous. It set a record for the longest I've ever worn a polish- 5 days. Nary a chip. *swoon*

  13. Wow, I like the mani! I think the most wanted nail polish would holographic nail polish from OPI, sorry, I don't remember the name....

  14. Darn it, why is Canada so dang big. blarg!