Sunday, February 27, 2011

Konad VS Freehand #3: Black and White

And yes, its time for another Konad VS freehand challenge again =D. For this week challenge, I found this awesome design from Tassas's blog that sorta look like a contemporary art piece. (I guess?)

And this is my version:

This took me around 45 mins to complete, and i would rate the difficulty 3 out of 5. But this is definitely a fun design to draw. =D
Thank you Tassas for letting me use your photo.


Blue sky

I know I've been MIA lately but I did a few manicures, I just didn't have time to sort them out. I pick up Claire's Bright Skies last week and its officially on my fav list. =) For once I didn't regret paying 5 dollars for Claire's nail polish because I believe they should worth less than that. Maybe 2 dollars. The formula is similar to China Glaze Fairy Dust but in blue. And since Color Club Factory Girl alone does not look good on my nails, i did a gradient using Bright Skies and a layer of Fairy Dust.

As usual, the photo doesn't do them justice. =( *disappointed*

Have a great weekend!! *Cheers*

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lacey day today

Spring break is over and Im back to a hectic schedule again. I might start doing some simple and do-able nail art, and more swatches.

 (China Glaze TMI, Love and Beauty-no name, and white nail art polish)

This is only 1 coat of CG TMI, and its not as holographic as you can see from the bottle. I recently found these 2 bottles of CG omg collection in a small asian mall where they were selling it for 7 dollars per bottle. And this actually motivates me even more when i go for the next nail polish hunt! >.<

Monday, February 21, 2011

First swatch post =D

I recently won a giveaway from The Art of Nails and can't wait to show you the goodies I got. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and the goodies. =D

I dont think I've ever done a swatch before so this would be my first swatch post. So these are the 4 bottles of nail polishes and i own none of them before, so im excited to try them out. When bf brought me the package, I jumped up and down in excitement on the skytrain when i saw the M.A.C Mean and Green.  >.<

NOX Sangria.
I dont think this is available in Canada, at least not in Vancouver. But this color sure looks bloody. When The Art of Nail first hosted this giveaway, I showed the bf how cool this bottle is and he agreed with me. I still couldn't believe this bottle show up right infront of me. (2 coats)

This mini Sephora nail polish is sure tiny but the green is so pretty!  (2 coats)

Honestly, I don't know how to describe this pretty color!! But i had to apply at least 3-4 coats to cover up the undercolor.

Last but not least, Orly Rock in' Rockette. I don't think i have a color similar to this. This is only 1 coat here and im satisfied with the result. A reddish bronze color with gold shimmer in it. I love it!

So far my fav is MAC Mean and green. Hopefully i can find the rest of the collection if im lucky enough. What is your fav color from MAC Venomous Villains collection?? What do you think of my first swatch post?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Grammy inspired nail art

How can you not like the "surprises" by Lady Gaga, especially how she made her entrance to the Grammy awards last week.

This nail art is actually inspired by her rehersal for the Grammy awards before the performance with Elton John. I couldn't find a picture of it, but there is a video on youtube.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sweet-16 nail art

No, I'm no longer 16 (I wish!!!) but I think this nail art could fit into the sweet-16 category because of the color combination, just sweet and innocence like how all of us (or some of us) had gone through. *wink*

There would be another giveaway coming soon, and something from this post would be included in the giveaway. Can you guess??

And no, not my macbook. >.<

Giveaway winner!!!

The winner for this giveaway is.......*drumroll*

I've already send you an email and hopefully you will reply me within 72 hours or else a new winner will be pick. 
Thank you so much for entering this giveaway and more giveaways will be coming soon, so stay tune!!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Valentine's day nail art

Happy Single awareness day and Happy Valentine's day!! Im still currently working on the Konad VS Free-hand nail art because the design this week was too challenging. There were alot of trial and error and its hard to get it right. >.< It should be done by end of this day, hopefully =D

This would be the last V-day mani, I swear. For this, I tried to make it look like cotton candy by swirling all the dots and love the end results. Thumb nail is my favorite so far!

P.S Im still sorting out the names for the giveaway and the winner will be announce tomorrow!!!
And another giveaway is coming soon =D

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holographic overloaded Tutorial

Greetings!!!! I'm glad everyone likes the holographic overloaded nail art and this is how i did it. Of course you are free to use any holographic nail polish you like. Enjoy and have fun!!!

OPI Coronation, Black Shatter and China Glaze IDK.

 1) After base coat, apply 2 layers of CG IDK.

 2) To achieve a more evenly crack look, apply just 1 thin layer of Black shatter.

3) Outline the shape of star with Coronation.

4) Then fill in the star.

5) This part is optional. Add some small or medium hexagon glitters and apply a top coat.


Feel free to send me links/photos if you ever try this, i would love to see different design other than stars or different colors!! >.<


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's day nail art #6

I'm glad everyone likes the holographic overload nail art and i would fo a simple tutorial maybe end of this week after the Konad VS free-hand challenge. V-day is only 2 days away and I'm excited! What would you be doing on Valentine's day with your partner?

Hopefully I'll be able to improve on taking better quality photos. Please let know if you have some tips that helps taking good photos especially night time because thats the only time i have to do nails. =(
I would really appreciate that.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Holographic overloaded

I got my first crack nail polish not too long ago and yet im still not bored of it yet. So i used one of my fav holographic China Glaze IDK as the base coat and OPI Coronation to draw the stars after a layer of black shatter. And woolaa, a more lively looking crack nail art. >.<

I still can't get enough of crack nail polish yet even though i finished using half a bottle already.

Show my country nail art

I'm back from intense exam period and weekend fieldtrip, can't wait to do more nails over the reading break next week too!!

Parokeets had the "Show us your country" theme nail art a few weeks ago but I didn't have much time to do a nail art that represent my country. Alot of people are not familiar with my country, basically when you look at the world map and find the potato shape-like country- That's Malaysia!

This is my country, Malaysia. Inspired by the flag,

the well-known Petronas Twin-tower,

and the national flower, red brilliant hibiscus.

(Images from Google image)

Of course there are alot more than represent this country, but these are just a few significant ones.
Have anyone been to Malaysia before or heard of this country?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine's day nail art #5

School has been busy and all i could do is take some time after dinner to do some nail art. That limits to 2-3 nail art per week eventhough my hands are icthy to touch and paint some nails. (sounds very weird >.<) Any how, since valentine's day is near and i wanted to at least do 10 to 15 different designs. This is a very simple design, takes about 20mins and you're done!! Roses are water decal =D

I would be away for the weekend so there won't be a Konad VS Free-hand this week unfortunately. =( But i would like to know what kind of konad design would you like me to challenge. =)