Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lacey day today

Spring break is over and Im back to a hectic schedule again. I might start doing some simple and do-able nail art, and more swatches.

 (China Glaze TMI, Love and Beauty-no name, and white nail art polish)

This is only 1 coat of CG TMI, and its not as holographic as you can see from the bottle. I recently found these 2 bottles of CG omg collection in a small asian mall where they were selling it for 7 dollars per bottle. And this actually motivates me even more when i go for the next nail polish hunt! >.<


  1. I like TMI on it's own and it's cute with the lace.

  2. the lace design is so cute! I'm totally loving it.

  3. The tmi looks better on your nails than in
    The bottle would never have thought it could
    Be so pretty

  4. Nice colour! The lace design is so pretty ;)

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments!! <3