Monday, February 21, 2011

First swatch post =D

I recently won a giveaway from The Art of Nails and can't wait to show you the goodies I got. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway and the goodies. =D

I dont think I've ever done a swatch before so this would be my first swatch post. So these are the 4 bottles of nail polishes and i own none of them before, so im excited to try them out. When bf brought me the package, I jumped up and down in excitement on the skytrain when i saw the M.A.C Mean and Green.  >.<

NOX Sangria.
I dont think this is available in Canada, at least not in Vancouver. But this color sure looks bloody. When The Art of Nail first hosted this giveaway, I showed the bf how cool this bottle is and he agreed with me. I still couldn't believe this bottle show up right infront of me. (2 coats)

This mini Sephora nail polish is sure tiny but the green is so pretty!  (2 coats)

Honestly, I don't know how to describe this pretty color!! But i had to apply at least 3-4 coats to cover up the undercolor.

Last but not least, Orly Rock in' Rockette. I don't think i have a color similar to this. This is only 1 coat here and im satisfied with the result. A reddish bronze color with gold shimmer in it. I love it!

So far my fav is MAC Mean and green. Hopefully i can find the rest of the collection if im lucky enough. What is your fav color from MAC Venomous Villains collection?? What do you think of my first swatch post?



  1. Congrats on winning! The colors are all really pretty! I love how the Nox bottle looks :D

  2. love your swatch posts :D

    i'm glad they got there safely *phew*

  3. I like the orly one it looks nice on your skintone

  4. Lovely swatches! I love the NOX Twilight bottles too.

  5. ooh! congrats~ and beautiful swatches!

  6. Great prize and great swatches!

  7. I had a convulsion over the bloody red, freaking fantastic!

  8. Congrats on winning! What a great prize--I LOVE these colors!

  9. Woohooo, congrats on winning such beauties! :D