Thursday, February 10, 2011

Show my country nail art

I'm back from intense exam period and weekend fieldtrip, can't wait to do more nails over the reading break next week too!!

Parokeets had the "Show us your country" theme nail art a few weeks ago but I didn't have much time to do a nail art that represent my country. Alot of people are not familiar with my country, basically when you look at the world map and find the potato shape-like country- That's Malaysia!

This is my country, Malaysia. Inspired by the flag,

the well-known Petronas Twin-tower,

and the national flower, red brilliant hibiscus.

(Images from Google image)

Of course there are alot more than represent this country, but these are just a few significant ones.
Have anyone been to Malaysia before or heard of this country?


  1. OF COURSEEEEEE. I'm Malaysian yoooooo! ;)

    btw, love the nail art :D

  2. Very cool nails. And yes, I've heard of Malaysia. But don't ask me to point it out on a map :P

  3. Haha more times than I can count. Hi neighbour! I'm from Singapore! I'm going to Malaysia to dive again in May!

  4. ooh, that looks AWESOME!

    i actually have some friends from Malaysia :)

  5. Haha I'm confused. You are from Malaysia, but now live in Canada right? Very pretty!