Sunday, February 27, 2011

Konad VS Freehand #3: Black and White

And yes, its time for another Konad VS freehand challenge again =D. For this week challenge, I found this awesome design from Tassas's blog that sorta look like a contemporary art piece. (I guess?)

And this is my version:

This took me around 45 mins to complete, and i would rate the difficulty 3 out of 5. But this is definitely a fun design to draw. =D
Thank you Tassas for letting me use your photo.



  1. I agree you did a very good job especially
    For freehand it looks really good and 45 min
    Isn't a long time at all for free hand!

  2. You did an amazing job! I can't freehand nail art at all, I'm jealous!

  3. I like it! It's like the Mod trend from the 60's!

  4. Very very cool. It looks awesome. It's nice to know if someone doesn't have konad- they can draw it!

  5. WOW! That does not look freehand! Great job!

    And...very nice to meet you too! :o)

  6. That is seriously impressive. :)

  7. You're so amazing with nail art.

    I can't even imagine how jank this thing would have turned out if I had been the one to try it.

  8. You did a really good job at freehanding this! I fail at Konad stamping, and fail even more at freehand nail art >.<

  9. Wow, your freehand looks like another konad! I love how neat and precise you are! I could never produce that kind of work freehand!

  10. thank you for all the lovely comments!! really appreciate that. <3

    @beauxsmom: thank you, but 45min is only for 1 hand. to me its still long.

    @Jennifer Leigh: thank you, the first time and second time was bad, this is actually the third trial.

    @Ms. Bubu: THATS the word ive been looking for!! I didnt know what its called. thanks!

    @Rachel Marie: thank you!! Definitely, but unless they have alot of time in hand, or else i think konad will be alot faster.

    @ChaosButterfly: Thanks!! this was the third trial thought, the first and second didn't came out right.

    @Rinny: thanks!! my hand still shake sometimes when i draw and i dont think im able to do konad.

  11. Hello, I love this design.Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comments.I appreciate it.I have been reading your posts for while now in Google Reader(I check it like 3 or 5 times a day).Have a great weekend!!Nicky

  12. Another gorgeus manicure i wish i could do something like this :)

  13. Wow! This looks amazing. You did a great job. :)

    You're welcome! You can always use my photos. :)