Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cravin-for-cuteness nail art

Midnight 12 o'clock, and I was craving for something yummy and cute and then i stumbled across this kawaii cupcakes (from the look of it). Since cupcakes store are close, all i could do it paint it on my nails and try to lick it after. LOL

 Image from google
And so I did this:

And i wanted to show the glitters effect through youtube because I suck at taking good photos. >.<

As for the question I asked in the previous post, What is the most wanted nail polish in the world? I guess everyone agrees on Clarin Unicorn Pee. I have not seen the nail polish in real life but from the swatches Ive seen on other blog makes me *drool*. I do have to agree with Rachel and Loodie Loodie Loodie that everyone has different tastes and one color might not necessary suite everyone. As for now, whatever that is holographic would be on my wishlist. =D


  1. so cute!!
    and i knew everyone would agree on clarins.
    however, i am not interested in it. thankfully!

    right now, i am craving deborah lipmann's glitter in the air, OPI DS original, or maybelline goody plum drop.
    3 different price ranges! haha.

  2. Too cute! I love it! Now I want cupcakes...or paint those on my nails :P

    P.S. I'm a new nail blogger. Please check out my site when you have time. ^^

  3. OMG waayyy too cute!! Love love love it!

  4. Awwhaaa!! Your nails look amazing!! I LOVE the sparkles shown on the video:D So magial and cuuuute!!
    p.s. I was in Vancouver to study English, hehehe:D

  5. Super cute and very worked mani... I love it! :-o

  6. o m g !! *_* that's soooooo cute!! i looove it!! you are very talented!

  7. Cuuuute! Very very very cute :)))

  8. Cute cute cute cute cute!!!! CUUUUTE *faint* That......glitter.....those...cup cakes....glitter.....awesome!!! What IS that glitter under those super cute cupcakes?? What brand? How much did it cost? Where did you get it from??

  9. Thank you for all the lovely comments!! <3

    @rebecca: I know!! to be honest, im not that interested in it too. I can't seem to find original anywhere and goody plum is such as sweet color!!!

    @Minnie: Thank you!! are you coming back here anytime soon?? >.<

    @KarzU: Thank you!! Its actually a cheap goldie holographic nail polish. I did a review on previous post.

  10. OH EM GEE!!!!!!
    i gotta stop screaming >.<
    love them!!!!