Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Panda nail art tutorial

This was suppose to be uploaded last week but I forgot =P And this is for you, Rachel. <3 hahahaha!

 1) After a layer of light blue and CG Fairy Dust, use a dotting tool to draw the face.

 2) Use any black polish or nail art pen to outline the body of panda.
(My first panda head looks out of shape.)

3) Then fill in the body using white and black polish.

 4) Draw the eyes, ears and mouth

 5) Draw some lines underneath or next to the leg to show some flying motion.

6) Draw some clouds.

7) And finish off with a top coat or another layer of Fairy dust.

Ta-dah!!! It's done. Although this might take some time and patience, but the end result is what makes everything worth. So have fun!!! >.<


  1. I might be able to do this on one nail (on my left hand only), but definitely not all 10. It's cute! I love Fairy Dust - it makes everything better.

  2. so cute :) thank for the tutorial, very useful

  3. thank you for this hunny...its too cute!

  4. :) Thanks so much for this. I hope I can do some panda nail art as well as you can <3

  5. So cute! If only Pandas could really fly with their chubbiness! I would love to try this mani. :P

  6. thanks for the tutorial,
    i don't think i would be able to do this ;/
    i'm not so talented as you are! :)

  7. wow! super cute! thanks for this tutorial... :)

  8. Thanks! It is very nice tutorial. I love this glitter dust sparcles:)

  9. Those are so amazing! I'm in total awe of your skills

  10. Thanks you for all the lovely comments, I appreciate every single one of them. =) Hopefully this is helpful for everyone.

    @Megan Harmeyer: I agree with you!!! it just covers up any imperfection!

    @RachelMarie: Of course you do!!! Your nail art are perfect!


  11. awww this is too cute! I am loving your blog! All your nail designs are so pretty<3

  12. OMG...these are so cuuuuteXD I Love relaxed soft looking pandas!!