Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Black Shatter design

I consider myself very lucky when it comes to the last bottle of nail polish. This was the last bottle of Black Shatter at Metrotown, the entire mall!! >.< Lucky!! the lady kept pushing me to buy this or else someone else will grab this once I walk out the store.
Base: Revlon 925 Gold Coin
Top: OPI black shatter


  1. This is gorgeous! I love it, especially the tips. Nice original twist :P

  2. LMAO @ her pushing you to buy it!
    Moment of truth: any regrets?

    I don't think you should have any...this is a beautiful look!
    You really have a talent for nail art. ^_^

  3. That looks so awesome! I got the last bottle at one of my local beauty store too!

  4. That lady was right! This mani looks so cool - I love the art you did with it.

  5. Wow...!!! Really gorgeous, I love this design...
    Greetings from Barcelona ;-)

  6. Fantastic manicure! This crackle polish is fun, isn't it? :)

  7. this is sooo GORGEOUS!!!
    your lucky that you have it!!
    I don't...

  8. Thank you for all the lovely comments!! <3

    @The Student's Guide To Nail Polish: Thank you!!!

    @ChaosButterfly: yea!! haha, no regrets for the polish, the only regret is that i actually paid more than it should be. THanks!!!

    @BeautyByBrittany: Lucky!! it actually fun to play with!

    @Rachel Marie: I kinda reminds me of Chinese new year, i dont know why.

    @Megan Harmeyer: Yea, i agree!! Thank you!!

    @Angeles: Thank you! Nice to meet you!

    @Biba: Definitely!! But i would like to try some other polish and compare the "cracks", hahaha.

    @Renate: ive been waiting and drooling ever since barry m came out with it. you cant find black shatter anywhere?

    @ritterbraten: Thank you!!!

    @Jen(ny): Thanks!! nice to meet you!

  9. what do you think of black shatter?

    i'm still not sure if I want it or not. I'm not sure if I will use it after I wore it once

  10. @shortwidenails: This is my first crack nail polish, so i'm not sure if black shatter is the best among all. I personally love them because there are alot more design i could play around. But 1 bottle is more than enough and i had my fun.

  11. That is amazing! So ice to see shatter/crackle polish incorporated into a design!

  12. OMG! I'm in heaven... lol This mani is perfect! <3

    You have gorgeous nails! :)

  13. Awesome style. I wish I could write that way.