Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nails of the day

Wee, went to Wal Mart and got this big bottle of gold glitters today. Apparently this was the last bottle left and i wanted it so badly!!! >.< It was a big mess using that glitter for any kind art craft, i had the glitter everywhere even on my cat. It makes her look like a gold digger. I created this nail design by using the glitter and OPI Only God for Me. I think this is my most favourite nail polish ever. Its so pretty as a top coat on any color.

And i used some crushed shell to create the rock candy nail.

I finally got the acrylic nail mold today after 4 weeks. It didnt work as well as i thought it would be. The problem with it is that the sizes are too small. #1 mold is like the size of #2 or #3. But it came with a nice little box though.

Its almost weekend!! I still have a final exam on sunday and next tuesday, and ill be done!!!


  1. I love the first set!
    The gold glitter reminds me of the new Milani Gold Glitter polish!

  2. wow!! the gold glitter one is so pretty!!!

  3. Love that gold polish! Its very pretty!