Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Born Pretty Store Review

Most of you heard about Born Pretty store and for those who haven't, this is an online store that sells all kinds of nail art supplies ranging from acrylic system to makeups. Whatever you can think of, they have it! Recently, I was given the opportunity to review some nail art products for them. Oh and the nail art brushes that I mentioned before in this post was also bought from this store and I've been using them for more than a year now. As for this review, I chose 144 Swarovski flatback SS10 Clear Crystal.

Description of the item:
100% Brand NEW Genuine Gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Rhinestones in original factory packing
Swarovski foiled flat-back crystals are foil backed, which gives them Superior Glitz, Glamour and Shine!
Size: SS10
Quantity: 144 pieces

The video below to show you the blingness!

The crystals are about 2.2mm wide in diameter. They also come in many different sizes and different colors.

For nail art that needs extra *Sparkles sparkles*, I do highly recommend this.
Tip: using a thick top coat on the crystals will kinda blur out the edges. So, either use a very thin layer of top coat or stick on the crystals when the top coat is half dry.

Did you say:"144 pieces of Swarovski crystals for 7dollars only!?"
Oh YES!!  What a bargain! I would definitely purchase more of these not only for nail art but also to accessorize my gadget. =D
They were also kind enough to offer my readers 10% off coupon code!! Be sure to check out their store for more awesome nail art supplies!

Thank you Jayce for sending me the products to review. The review above are all honest opinion of mine.

*Cheers* >.<


  1. real swarovski's shines with top coat on them :(

  2. @Naktsmeita: Yes, it still does, but the edges of the crystals are blurred out by the top coat. The top coat that I used was Seche Vite and its abit thicker.

  3. How long is the coupon code usable?

  4. @Hantta: Good question! Im not too sure about this myself but Ill check with them and let you know =)

  5. Wow! I really like the last pic with the bright light off the crystal.

  6. that's a great deal for some bling! And I love the mani u did with them so fancy!

  7. It looks great! <3
    where did you get your ideas for the different nailart??
    And how did you do the pink one with lace (in the last post)?
    With stamping? And if the stamping doesn´t look good, how did you remove it? Bevause of the polish underneath??
    i´m sorry for many questions!

    hugs <3

  8. Wow!! Thank you for the video;D I haven't used the store yet, but htere are so many things I want to get;p I LOVE your sparklie nails~!!

  9. This is so cute! You did a great job!

  10. Thank you for all the lovely comments!!!

    @Mitsuki90: Thank you! those laces are hand-drawn. I usually practice a few times before i do it on the nails. =) if you one i could make a tutorial for that.

    @Minnie: hahaha, you should! they have alot of goodies in their store! Thank you!

  11. Yes^^ that would be great! *__*
    And i have more two questions :D
    How did you stick on the stick above the tip? (for prepare the tip)
    What glue you use for the tip on your nails?
    If you wear the tips longer? is it possible to use the finally tip again or only one time?

    Sry fpr my bad english-.-

    hugs <3

  12. WOW that's an amazing! Beautiful rhinestones, i love swarowski! I can't stop looking at this:( Great job!

  13. Born Pretty Store I've had a bad first time experience with them.. the package got lost and BP's customer service kept making me wait 10 day allotment times every single time I emailed them with a "where is my package" They made me wait SO long, I could no longer dispute it through Paypal. They did offer to send me another package but I was turned off by it (by this time it was two months of waiting. No lie!) that I chucked up my losses (about $10) and went on with my life.

    I'm from NYC and their company is based in Singapore. Sometimes it's just easier to pay the price through an American company.

    It killed me that I had to wait the 4 weeks in the 1st place but when 4 turned into 8 with no (real) restitution SMH. Do. Not. Want.

  14. OMG!!! I'm so jealous of these nails. This looks amazing!!