Sunday, June 26, 2011


Its award time again! I've seen alot of "What's in your purse" tag going around the blogsphere lately, and Minnie from Mini Nail blog tagged me in this post. This lovely girl here does alot of cute amazing japanese nail art and one of my fav creation is her Disney nail art!! Be sure to check out her blog!

So, this is my so called "Purse". I dont bring make-ups or nail polish with me everyday, but i do have my Coupons purse with me all time. You might be dissapointed with what you see here.

This is all i bring with me everyday. Cellphone is uncessary to me but I cannot live without my ipod.

And the second award is from <3OneChicBella<3 and Sara from Sara <3's Pretty Little Things.

Name you favorite color – Black and White
Name you favorite song – The lazy song- Bruno Mars

Name you favorite dessert - Cake!!
What makes you mad? –Animal abuser
When you’re upset you… –Listen to music
Your favorite pet - My daughter Misty

Black or white? Black AND White
Your biggest fear is… -Snakes!!
Your best feature is…  – toe nails =D
Everyday attitude - Lazzzzy and clumsy
What is perfection? – Confidence
Guilty Pleasure - Midnight supper >.<

The third award is from Spellbinding Nails. Her konad design is very creative and mind-blowing!!

1) Favourite colour- Black and White
2) Favourite Animal - Coelacanth
3) Favourite number - 0
4) what perfume am i using right now -CK Contradiction
5) Something you always wear with you and identifies you..- Ipod
6) What's your passion? Animals
7) Getting or giving presents? -Both!!! >.<
8) What was the last eyeshadow you used? - Smash palette
9) Favourite day of the week - Saturday
10) Are your nails painted right now? Only left hand. because I like my right hand polish free.

Thank you lovely ladies that tag me and I had alot of fun doing this. I would love to tag everyone and I believe alot of bloggers have already done this tag. If you haven't done so, I TAG YOU!!!


  1. I haven't done any of those. :)

  2. Aaww!! Thank you very much for doing this~!! The "danger" sign on your purse is funnyXD And your daughter (lols!)is SUPER adorable~!!!

  3. What a cute kitten image. Furry little rascal =)

  4. You have an award on my blog!!!!! Please check out!:) It's another award!