Friday, April 29, 2011

I LOVE SUSHI nail art

Hopefully the previous post does not make any of you sick or throw up >.< So much for being cute and innocent. Hahaha. Oh yea, the sickening part of them would be have alot of blood splattering and stabbing. I, myself can't wait to do it. Muahahaha! *Evil laugh* but for now, I'm craving for some sushi. *singing the sushi song*

*Drooling* just by looking at it. LOL. Now Im off for some sushi!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Tree Friends nail art #1

Happy Tree Friends, a cartoon that can be so cute yet violent at the same time. It's so disgusting that I would feel like throwing up whenever I watch the videos. So for now, I wanna do the cute side of the characters and later the violent side of them. 

They are so cuteeeee, arent they?? Wait till you see the EVIL side of them.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tokidoki nail art

Everytime when i passby Sephora, the first thing that i see is the Tokidoki makeup collection, but i couldn't bring myself to buy them because of the prices. BUT, painting it on nails are FREE!!! >.<

I especially love the makeup brushes and the pouches.
Image from google
 Image from google

What's your favourite Tokidoki stuff?? >.<

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter nail art #2

Another 3 more days to easter, and I've only done a set of easter nail art so far. I still have alot of ideas for easter but for now I need to put the ideas on hold and concentrate on my last final exam tomorrow. >.< My brain is stuff with invertebrates and insects terminology for the exam, maybe I should just do an insect nail art.

The pinky actually says "Happy Easter", its hard to capture because of the nail curvature.
And the bunny's ear is made out of acrylic. (I really hate the smell of acrylic liquid.)

So what are you doing for easter?? Eat more chocolates?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gothic Loli nail art

I don't think I've done any gothic nail art before, this would be the first. This idea actually came from the shower curtain in my bathroom, and since gothic is all about black roses, black laces and (cross?), this is what i came up with:

My first hand-drawn roses. Hehe

 I figured this would be the best time to use black shatter with bloody red.

The design on thumb was inspired by the shower curtain. The bf somehow knew I was going do a nail design on this when we bought this curtain. >.< It's just a matter of time.

Oh, and KarzU asked if I could list the glitters I used in the previous spring glitter mani and here are all the glitters from Martha Stewart glitter collections.

Last but not least, I wanted to thank everyone that has been so encouraging and leaving such sweet comments even though its not the best ive done and I love you all <3 >.<

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glitter Bomb spring nail art

Ahh, my glitter-addict-disorder is back after so many months. Its been awhile since I last did glitter nail design, and I missed having glitters all over the place. >.< Flowers are not my thingy and I'm not good at drawing flowers. =/ (still practicing =D)

Do you Love or hate glitters??

Monday, April 18, 2011

First blue holo franken attempt

After seeing this awesome blue holo franken made by loodie loodie loodie and tips from Rachel Marie Nails, I tried making my first blue holo. But I failed, miserably =(. The blue turn out to be greyish and the holo didn't really show up even though I used almost half bottle of Worth of Risque. Any suggestions for the ratio?? >.<

Color Club Worth the Risque, Wet and Wild Rain Check and Unknown korean brand (just a few drops to make it darker)

To make it less boring, I added some hexagon glitters and stars to make myself feel better, hahahaha.

Giveaway winner!!!

*Drum roll*......the lucky winner is....

I've already sent you an email, so please forward your mailing address so I could send you the prizes as soon as possible. Or else a new winner will be selected. >.<
Thank you for joining my mini giveaway. There would be more giveaway coming soon, so stay tune. *wink* Oh, and I really appreciate all the suggestions and would try to make some improvement in the future. Thank you very much!!! <3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

#1 Waterless Marble swirling nail art tutorial

Sorry for the lack of post lately >.< and yes, the winner for the giveaway will be announce this evening!! How exciting!! But for now, this is a tutorial request from the lovely readers for the waterless marble swirling design. I've used some different technique in achieving the swirling design, and this first tutorial will show the easiest way to do it.

 First, apply a thin coat of any glitter polish after a layer of base coat.

2) Use a cream purple color or any color you desire to draw a circle.

3) Next, use a white polish to draw circle around the first circle.

4) Then use any holographic polish to outline the swirl between the 2 colors. Doesn't have to be perfect.

5) Thicken the line, don't worry about the messyness.

6) The last step is the most critical but most fun part. Use the cream purple and white to randomly add in where you want the swirling effect to be.

7) (Optional) Add a small pink rhinestone in the center of the swirl.

8) (Optional) I added some hexagon glitter on the white part and finally a top coat.

TIPS: It's easier to fill in the color if you start with lightest cream color before using any darker holographic color. And for the best result, wait till the polish is semi-dry before applying the next color to prevent smudging.

Tadah!! You're done!! It doesn't seem that hard, isn't it?? I don't hate water marbling, its just that the cleaning part is messy and wasting nail polish especially my precious holographic nail polish, hehehe (my personal opinion). That's why I try to find the easiest way to achieve the same effect without using water. If you found an easier way to do this, let me know, I would love to try it out!! >.<

Have fun!! *Cheers*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cravin-for-cuteness nail art

Midnight 12 o'clock, and I was craving for something yummy and cute and then i stumbled across this kawaii cupcakes (from the look of it). Since cupcakes store are close, all i could do it paint it on my nails and try to lick it after. LOL

 Image from google
And so I did this:

And i wanted to show the glitters effect through youtube because I suck at taking good photos. >.<

As for the question I asked in the previous post, What is the most wanted nail polish in the world? I guess everyone agrees on Clarin Unicorn Pee. I have not seen the nail polish in real life but from the swatches Ive seen on other blog makes me *drool*. I do have to agree with Rachel and Loodie Loodie Loodie that everyone has different tastes and one color might not necessary suite everyone. As for now, whatever that is holographic would be on my wishlist. =D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Black and White nail art

One more final and Im done!! >.< I can't wait for final to finish and have some fun outdoor. The weather was so nice for the past few days which is weird because vancouver is suppose to be a rain-saturated city. Well, that alone won't stop me from doing more nail art eventhough the rain makes me feel all moody sometimes. >.< And this, is a mani with a lot of squares and alot of dots, just like a checker board.

Question: What is the most wanted nail polish in the world??
I've been thinking about this question for awhile now and even tried to look up the internet for this question, but none of them give me a direct answer. There must be a nail polish color where everyone would say "Yes!! thats the one I wanted so so so badly!!!" What do you think?

Little present from Rachel

Thank you sweetie Rachel for sending me such goodies!! Her blog has really beautiful swatches, and tips on franken nail polish. so please visit her blog here Rache Marie's nails.

 She also included a really cute lipgloss but i forgot to take a picture of it >.<

Petites Color Fever 517 Black Diamond. Very pretty shattered holographic charcoal black. My favourite!! <3

 Petites Color Fever 535 Wild Plum. Deep shimmer purple. I'm sorry about the lighting and reflection. =(

Petites Color fever 534 Raspberry Ice, hot pink/magenta shimmer color.
Thank you again Rachel, you're such a sweetie!! <3
As for the previous waterless swirling nail art, i'm so glad everyone likes it and the tutorial for it is coming on its way. So stay tune *wink*

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Waterless Marble swirling nail art

I'm dead, physically and mentally from sore throat, cold, and exams. >.<  I've been awake since 4am working on research paper on evolution of pregnancy which drive me nuts. Anyways, today would be the last day to enter my small-appreciation-giveaway and hopefully I would be alive by wednesday to announce the lucky winner. At the mean time, this is what I did 6 a.m this morning while taking a break from all the typing. It didnt take me that long to complete it, roughly 20mins. Well, I did try my best to make the effect look as close as possible to water marble swirling.

So please tell me what you think about this. Not good enough or meh?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Konad VS Freehand #4

Woo, finally!!! Its been awhile since I last did a konad vs freehand. And for this week challenge, I chose this konad nail art from Spellbinding Nails. Thank you sweetie for letting me use your photos!!! >.<

Freehand version

Konad version

This took FOREVER!!!! Like 2 hours or so and alot of patience, but the end results was satisfying. What do you think??