Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Failed Inspiration nail art

This was actually inspired by Swaafie, but her version is so much more better than mine. Thats such a gorgeous mani and makes me happy just by looking at it. *Thanks hun for letting me use your photo* =D

So I did try using a different method. Instead of Gosh Holographic, I used OPI DS Coronation; instead of dotting different colors, I overlay the dot on each other. The end results was terrifying and I was so disappointed with it. First of all, the holographic didn't show up as much as it would, and my overlaying rainbow technique didn't work out as well as I expected.

*Disappointed* and *fading away*........

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor tribute nail art

Thats a really sad news because I remember watching "Cleopatra" long long long time ago and she was absolutely stunning and beautiful in that movie. This nail art is inspired by some of her costume and headpiece in Cleopatra. =)

 Can you find the costume/headpiece from the photo below?

Image from here

Ahh, she looks so gorgeous in every single costume in the movie. I wonder how much money they spent in making this movie. Must be ALOT!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Holographic....or not?

During nail polish hunt today, this cute packaging caught my eye instantly. But what surprised me the most is that 2 out of the 3 bottle looks like holographic nail polish. The problem is, I couldn't find any swatches of this color anywhere else and I wasn't sure if I would categorize it under "Holographic". So instead of doing swatches right now(since its already night time), I did a video to show the bottle and the color. I will post the swatches tomorrow if Mr. Sun is willing to come out to play.

So.....what do you think??? >.<

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Panda nail art tutorial

This was suppose to be uploaded last week but I forgot =P And this is for you, Rachel. <3 hahahaha!

 1) After a layer of light blue and CG Fairy Dust, use a dotting tool to draw the face.

 2) Use any black polish or nail art pen to outline the body of panda.
(My first panda head looks out of shape.)

3) Then fill in the body using white and black polish.

 4) Draw the eyes, ears and mouth

 5) Draw some lines underneath or next to the leg to show some flying motion.

6) Draw some clouds.

7) And finish off with a top coat or another layer of Fairy dust.

Ta-dah!!! It's done. Although this might take some time and patience, but the end result is what makes everything worth. So have fun!!! >.<

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad blogger with an awesome swap!

I've been a bad blogger lately with no post or nail arts. =( My face will be sticking to the laptop for the rest of the month and hopefully I could finish 2 research papers in the next two weeks. I'm such a procrastinator. But what made my day is a lovely swap with Barbara from Biba's Beauty Corner. I can't believe she sent me some polishes that was on my wish-list!! Oh yea, she's having a giveaway now, so please head over to her awesome blog =D.

S-he stylezone 376: Silver shimmer purple
S-he Stylezone 427: Pink Holographic My fav!!! <3
S-he Stylezone 437: Dark red with gold flakes
Essence 01 Thelma: Dark jelly eggplant purple
Essence 01 Louise: purple glitter <3

 Essence 04 Space Queen: Very light pink Multicolor glitter
Essence 38 Choose Me!!: Aqua foil green? <3
Butterfly Collection Jungle: shimmery copper color
Catrice 270 Blue My Mind: shimmery dark blue

These are brands of nail polish that I've been wanting to try but hard to find in Vancouver. And thanks to Barbara, for sending me all these lovely polishes. I can't wait to swatch them!!! >.<

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I believe I can fly~ Nail art

I got over the non-holographic polishes and while i was studying, this bag next to me caught my eye. Not too sure where i got this bag from, all i know it was there for the longest time.

Hmm!!!! I believe i can fly!!! >.<
At least now im feeling alot better. Sigh, back to study, study and study. =D

Color Club Holographic

This is definitely not something new, but it had been on my wish-list for the longest time beside china glaze OMG collection. And finally found it on ebay for less than 5 dollars a bottle. I had lots of doubt before buying it because it doens't look as holo as any swatches Ive seen on other blog and was a little disappointed when i got them in the mail. Just a little.

Worth the Risque, Revvvolution, and Fashion Addict

The holo effect isn't as noticable as what I've expected. It is still gorgeous nonetheless. 2 layers here without a top coat.

With flash

Fashion Addict, a very pretty light lilac purple but unfortunately not holographic. *Cries*

Last but not least, Worth the risque. Couldn't complain much about it since Ive already disappointed with the other 2 bottles. The holo effect is so subtle that i had to turned the bottle upside down, looking from every angle, desperately and hoping to find a hint of holo effect.

I thought I could take tick off these names from the wish-list, but apparently they would have to stay a bit longer until I get the real holographic color club.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Angelic theme: 300 followers Giveaway!!!

I promised i would include the angel ring (a brand new one!!) in the next giveaway and here is your chance to win!! Including 2 bottles of Love and Beauty nail polish, both pink and silver blue with gold shimmer that matches the angelic theme.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is become a follower and write a comment with your GFC name and Email address and what would you like to see more in this blog (+1). Extra entries will be given if you blog about this giveaway (+5 entries) or/and put this in the blogroll (+1). Please don't forget to provide the link in the comment too!!

This giveaway ends April 10, 2011 at 11:59 PST. Winner will be selected randomly using and will be contact by email.  The winner would have 48 hours to reply or else a new winner will be selected. Good Luck!!

And yes, this giveaway is open internationally. =D

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pixel nail art

Honestly, I don't know how this trigger my inspiration but i just thought that these little pixel guys are  cute. =D

Google image

Outcome after spending half an hour?? I LOVE IT!! >.<

Have an awesome weekend!!! And i shall post the giveaway this weekend. =D